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DMCI Alumni

January 1, 2023

It is with a heavy heart and deep sadness that the DMCI Alumni has decided to forgo the sponsoring of the 100th Anniversary.

With COVID having significantly impacted our fundraising efforts, we have been unable to raise the funds needed to create a fabulous Alumni experience for celebrating the 100th in October 2023.

With the mission and purpose of the Alumni Association to raise funds and support the DMCI students with scholarships and the school with specific needs, the Alumni Association made a decision to utilize the limited existing funds raised for the 100th – to focus on what can be the best manner of fulfilling our stated mission.

The Association is willing to partner with and support the school with events that they are willing to provide – either with some financial support and/or volunteer personnel contributions at those events. The specifics have yet to be determined.

A budget for what was planned for the Alumni sponsorship of the 100th is attached. As you will see, the amount required to provide a phenomenal weekend could not be achieved with the limited 100th account balance.

We have made many calls for funds, and for volunteers to assist with the planning of the 100th over the past 3 years. Despite the effort and generosity of some who have come forward with volunteering and donations, and to them we like to express our utmost appreciation, the end results have been disappointing. A delay in making this decision was done with the desire and hope that funds could be found to provide a memorable weekend. This has not been achieved.

The Alumni Association is grateful for the support of the new Principal Melody Woloschuk, who has been a staunch and stalwart supporter to DMCI and to the Alumni Association. Her vision for the school continues to be for the benefit of the DMCI students and for the school.

We continue to work collaboratively with her as we move forward.

Your ongoing support of the Alumni Association will allow us to continue to provide funds for the benefit of the DMCI students with scholarships as well as for specific needs identified by the school.

Donations can be made through e-transfer:


By mail:

DMCI Alumni

PO Box 2475
Winnipeg, MB

R3C 4A7.


When sending your donation please provide the following information:

  • Your name (female alumni include your maiden name)

  • Year of graduation

  • Mailing address

  • Email address

  • Phone #

Doing so will enable us to keep our current contact list updated for future updates.

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